About Us

Athlyte is an advanced analytic and data mining platform designed to capture and deliver accurate data for major college sports such as football, basketball, and baseball.

We provide Sports Information Directors (SIDs) with analytics to assist in statistical research, record keeping, and in the creation of engaging communique.


Advanced Custom Query

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Athlyte allows you to customize queries and perform searches within seconds

Automated Statistical Tracking and Alerting

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Athlyte tracks record books and statistics, and provides notifications whenever statistically significant events occur

Data Integrity

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Athlyte provides state-of-the-art methods for cleaning all game and player data to ensure statistical accuracy and integrity

Athlyte Brings You

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  • Provides access to our library of statistics, sorted by individuals or teams
  • Allows you to incorporate new, interesting, and varied statistics into your reports
  • Offers early-adopter platform customization

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  • Auto-updates digitized record books for all sports
  • Employs cutting-edge tools with automated and searchable stat pages
  • Creates story prompts for game notes and media guides
  • Generates stats in an Excel sheet format for easy incorporation into game notes or media guides

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  • Supports multiple sports (MFB, MBB, WBB, BSB, SB)
  • Gathers all data types and sources in one place
  • Automates ingestion of record books, rosters, schedules, and game data into paper-based, xml and other formats
  • Cleans data automatically. Corrects errors on sports statistics websites
  • Is a one-stop shop for sports data — covering entire leagues and conferences

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  • Provides Computed Journalism — algorithm-automated alerts identifying interesting statistical events
  • Eliminates data loss
  • Identifies potential errors in data through Machine Learning and AI-based algorithms
  • Constantly enhances capabilities through partnerships with leading research institutes